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I was slightly brain damaged at birth, and I want people like me to see that they shouldn't let a disability get in the way. I want to raise awareness - I want to turn my disability into ability. - Susan Boyle

You will discover that we have a small resource library dedicated to growing older with an intellectual disability. Our resources consist of books, articles and DVDs on the topics of dementia, grief and loss, end-of-life care and general aging, all related to intellectual disabilities. You can contact us if you need materials; we would be happy to loan these resources for the cost of shipping and handling.

Here you will find a list of links and other resources:

Aging links:

L’Arche Canada Aging and Disability -

Active Living Coalition -

Center for Excellence in Aging & Community Wellness -

Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities -

Down Syndrome Scotland

Seniors Canada -

Government of Manitoba Seniors and Healthy Living Secretariat

Age and Opportunity -

Canadian Centre on Disability Studies -

Manitoba Association of Seniors Centres -

Dementia and Health links and PDF documents:

RRTC ADD Lifespan Health and Function -

American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry

Alzheimer Society of Manitoba -

Down Syndrome Scotland -

Books Beyond Words -

PDF Dementia and aging documents:

Dementia in Older Adults with intellectual disabilities - 2009
A report on the State of Science on Dementia in older adults with
Intellectual Disabilities by the IASSID Special Interest Research Group on
Ageing and Intellectual Disabilities.
Download PDF

Down syndrome and Alzheimer's Disease - 2007
Questions and answers from the Australian Government Department of Health, initiative. Here you find information ranging from, What is Alzheimer's disease (AD) to How you can support a person diagnosed with AD.
Download PDF

Home for Good? 2004
Information to support people with learning difficulties in residential settings when they develop dementia. Created by Heather Wilkinson, Diana Kerr, Colm Cunningham and Catherine Rae.
Download PDF

My Thinker's Not Working - 2012
National Task Group on Intellectual Disabilities and Demential Practice.
A National strategy for enabling adults with intellectual disabilities affected by dementia to remain in their community and receive quality supports. Download PDF

Developmental Services Resource Guide on Aging and Dementia - 2008
Vermont Agency of Human Services. A guide designed to make it easy to find answers to common questions and challenges regarding Aging and Dementia.
Download PDF

End-of-Life Care Links and PDF documents:

Virtual Hospice -

Center for Excellence in Aging & Community Wellness -

Manitoba Hospice Palliative Care Association -

Books Beyond Words -

Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association –

PDF documents:

Considerations in Developing End-of-Life Care policies.
This one paged document provides a checklist of things to consider when developing polices for end of life care.
Download PDF

Mental Retardation and Grief Following a Death Loss - Information for families and other caregivers - 1998
Charlene Luchterhand, MSSW. This provides information regarding death and grieving how to help people with disabilities to understand and cope with death.
Download PDF

Resources in Developmental Disabilities and Coping with Grief, Death and Dying. Revised Fall 2010
This document provides listing of resources relating to the issues of death, dying and grief. Compiled by Bill Gaventa, M.Div., Associate Professor, University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey.
Download PDF

PDF documents related to Health and Health Care:

Health Screening for people aging
Preventative Health Care Screening Guidelines for people aging with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. February 2009.
Listing highlights specific recommendations for screening that should be incorporated into health care plan for individuals with disabilities.
Download PDF

Fact Sheet
Working with people with intellectual disabilities in healthcare settings.
- The Centre for Developmental Disability Health Victoria Better Health, Better Lives. Great resource providing information and strategies to consider for providing good health care to people with an intellectual disablity.
Download PDF

PDF documents related to Inclusive Senior Centers:

Brochure for Senior Centers:

A guide for senior centers that are looking for ways to make their centers more inclusive of older adults with an intellectual disability. Download PDF

Brochure for Support Workers:

A guide on how to facilitate participaton and social inclusion, within senior centers, for older adults with an intellectual disability.  Download PDF

Senior Center User Guide:

An overview of the "how to" of senior centers, aimed at older adults with an intellectual disability and their families, friends and support workers. Download PDF



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