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When we retire, we get to decide and
become who we were meant to be.

Our communities have many people living with an intellectual disability who need to understand the aging process.

We share our knowledge and provide support for you to learn, accommodate and plan for a vibrant aging process. There are many options that can help you and the people you care about embrace aging with dignity and respect.

Winnserv is here to help.

Here are some documents that may be helpful to you:

Ageing and Learning Disability Summary
This explores what people with learning disabilities and their families have to say about getting older, their experiences, feelings and what is most important to them in later life.
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Beers Criteria
A list of potentially avoidable high-risk medications which the elderly should refrain from taking, based on literature and consensus from a panel of experts, updated in 2003.
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Coming of Age:
Securing Positive Futures for Seniors with Intellectual Disabilities
This report documents the outcomes of the international "Coming of Age" dialogue that was held in Winnipeg 2004. This document is meant to bring a dialogue for change and provide food for thought regarding positive change for those coming of age.
(Click here for PDF)

Coming of Age:

The Dialogue Continues.  This report documents the discussions that occurred in the 2013 follow up gathering. (Click here for PDF)

Healthy Ageing - Adults with Intellectual Disabilities - Summative Report
A report on health related aspects and the ageing of persons with intellectual disabilities. It identifies key features of heath, social policy and practices to improve longevity of persons with intellectual disabilities throughout the world.
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Exploring Later Life Options - with older adults who have mental disabilities.
A facilitator manual created by Sturgeon Creek Enterprises Inc.,
this resource is for service and support providers working with seniors with intellectual disabilities.
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Aiding Older Caregivers of Persons with Intellectual and Development Disabilities - a tool kit for state and local aging agencies.
This tool kit is a compilation of materials presented at workshops, including specific concerns and suggestions, to help agencies dealing with aging.
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Seniors Resource Manual (Click here for PDF)
This is a compilation of information from the Senior Access Resource Manual of Manitoba.
You will find:

• Resources - General Listing of resources related to aging

• Transportation - Parking permits - Handi-Transit, Travel Assistance, forms and information

• Medications - Information regarding aging and medications.

• Health Services - Health related therapies, Annual Heath Examinations, Health links etc., Prosthetic Services, Home Care, Manitoba Seniors Benefits, Palliative Care, Wheelchair Services, Region Specific Services, Health Care Proxy, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, etc.,

• Financial - Pension, Survivor allowance, Wills, Trust funds, Income Tax services etc.

Dementia and Health links:

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Aging Links:

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